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my butt is being all whooty on me ( Y )

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the first set of 10 awesome snaps have come in! i will be posting them up sometime today. keep up the sexy good work all you amazing people xoxo @turbo_boner

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readmyquiet said: Let's talk private

lets do none of that

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stoneybear56 said: Omg I made a pizza delivery to you about 2 months ago in torrance, I knew you looked familiar lol

oh hey!! hahaha right on. was it the pizza that was wrong and you brought us a cheese instead?

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gride999 said: How do you taste? :)

like the sweetest nectar of… hahah im just kidding, i taste like chicken and waffles

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lovejosemarin said: Where are you


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thecoolcatgomer said: What do you want that I can buy and mail it to you 😍👽😈

whatever you want to see me in :)
im a small/xtra small top
small/extra small bottom
5.5 or 6 shoe

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im gonna be posting my favorite snapchats nigel and i receive. weve been getting some good ones lately. unless your dick is in a pineapple or a pie or some shit dont bother. sexy ppl, girls, couples, sexy girl butts, sext guy butts, gay guys doing gay stuffs, CREAMPIES!!! and anything funny is what were looking for. snap us @turbo_boner woot! ill be posting in sets of ten, so when i receive 10 ill post a set. better to send it in a message to guarantee it gets screen shotted but either way is good. loves ya all.
for the love of got quit sending jerk off videos unless its an amazing dick, how do you know if you have an amazing dick? are you a pornstar? no? there ya go, i see porn dicks all day. keep that in mind 😘😘😘🎉🌈🙌🍻

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boncomics said: You have to let me know if you ever rock a Wonder Woman costume! I would hate to miss that! ;)

send me one :)

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my blog is sexual fantasy only! if you actually believe my exploits as fact, than the fantasy is working. youre welcome. i dont let random people cum in my pussy. all creampie pictures are from my husband or talent. its amazing that anyone takes this shit seriously but apparently people have been. 

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bdsm-latino said: Please, Can you give me any advice to introduce my girlfriend to bondage? greetings from mexico

tie her ass up

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thechamp1974 said: You are the hottest girl on the planet

and youre the dopest triangle ive ever gotten a compliment from! xoxox

Sep 14, 2014

feetsolestoeslife said: Hey love the blog it's sexy af. I'd like to have some pics of your feet for my blog. 👣😘😘😘

feet pix come up, make sure you tag me in any you use babes! thanks xoxo